A superfast knowledge base to help your customers get the info they need, when they need it most.

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helpkb is an open-source Next.js knowledge base which is super fast, easy to use and quick to develop.


Everything you need is built in, so no plugins or coding is required. Simply write your articles, style your pages, build and deploy.

Deploy faster

No plugins or coding is required meaning you can build your knowledge base faster and easier.

Stupid fast

Next.js uses a mixture between Hybrid static and server side rendering making it very fast.

Markdown supported

Posts or Pages are written in Markdown format which is easy to learn and faster to write.

Benefits of a knowledge base or FAQ?

Some benefits of a properly implemented knowledge base or FAQ include...

Customer service

Each customer who can self serve is one less customer requiring your support. Numerous studies have shown that customers actually want to self serve and don't want to email, phone, message etc. Knowledge bases and FAQs help customers, help themselves.

Increase satisfaction

An informed customer or potential customer is a happy customer. Happy customers interact more with your business and can help to increase sales. Documenting common questions allows customers to make informed descisions, which increases sales.